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International Team of Specialists

In the Hands of Caring Experts

With an international dental team of experienced specialists in all major areas of dental care our patients are in the best possible hands for all their dental needs.

Our dental team is currently made up of the following specialists:

  and our dental assistants with their friendly, helpful and professional care:
  and Medicare’s Managing Partner:

Bita brings to the Medicare team over 20 years of experience as a human resource development specialist, as well as managerial experience running various community development projects in the ngo sector in Canada and across Europe. Aside from managing the clinic, Mrs. Zerbes focuses on team-building and enhancing communication skills with the staff. A united team with a focus on top quality professional service for Medicare’s clients is the aim of her work.

Contributing to Medicare International’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Bita has designed and coordinates a continuing project of dental education in kindergartens in Cluj entitled “Every Reason to Smile”. This project’s counterpart in the clinic is dedicated to educating Medicare’s patients regarding the importance of regular check-ups.

At present our center collaborates with a group of highly qualified dental technicians, trained in Romania, Western Europe and the United States, in keeping with the superior standards to which we are dedicated.

All staff are bilingual in English and Romanian, with German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, and Italian being additional languages of communication in our center.